Terms of Use

Terms of Use
General Terms of Use


Online store puloveri.com - e-shop for sale of men's and women's clothing. The e-shop provides customers with information about products and the possibility of their purchase by order and payment of the respective selling price, subject to the customer's observance of the present General Terms and Conditions, of the current Bulgarian legislation, of all commercially accepted practices in the country, The relevant product-specific requirements.
Terms and Conditions - These general terms and conditions for the delivery of products from puloveri.com to our customers.
puloveri.com - Lino Treid Ltd. - UIC: .BG202389709; Address of management: Plovdiv, 12, H. Voyvodov Str .; Manager: Georgi Georgiev.
Customers - individuals and legal entities wishing to purchase products from the online store at gzonebg.com. Clients may be adult and capable physical persons, legal entities represented by their legal representatives or duly authorized persons.
Products - all goods published in the e-shop catalog at puloveri.com.

Registration procedure

To register at puloveri.com, please click here.

Order Procedure

After clicking on the "Order" button, it is considered that the customer has placed an order for selected products and accepts these terms and conditions.
After completing the order, the customer receives confirmation by e-mail, which he has filled in the order form, with all the details of the order.
In order to avoid the risk of incorrect or incomplete filling in the order forms that may harm our customers, orders are considered accepted by puloveri.com after sending an email confirmation from puloveri.com to the customer and receiving the full price Of the ordered products and the price of the delivery, if such is due. In case of a cash payment, the orders are considered accepted after confirmation from puloveri.com.

Product prices

All prices are in BGN with VAT included.
The prices of the products are current as of the date of the order.

Payment methods

The payment of the price of the ordered products is made through the methods listed in the following way, where the payment on the one hand is a voluntary statement of the client that he agrees to pay the service in advance and on the other hand represents an electronic statement of the client that Agrees to the general terms and conditions of the puloveri.com e-shop as well as the individual terms and conditions for the particular deal that he has read and approved.

The payment of the price is made in the following way: By cash payment: the client pays the amount due directly to the courier who made the delivery;

Return of products and claims

The consumer has the right to refuse the goods he has requested if:

The merchandise obviously does not match the order requested for purchase by the user and this can be determined through the normal review;
The goods or their packaging has been damaged during transport. In this case, the user must contact the courier at the time of receipt, the courier being obliged to draw up a report on the damage to the consignment
The price does not match the price due.
The Customer is entitled, without due compensation or penalty, to withdraw from the contract within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the goods.

If the customer waives the specified seven-day period, he must notify puloveri.com and return the item in its original packaging, with the original labels, without indications that the product has been used without being damaged or treated in any way Laundry, ironing, etc.) In this case, puloveri.com refunds to the consumer the price paid by him / her within 30 days from the date on which the customer exercised his / her right to withdraw from the contract.

Returns and return of a product are allowed in one of the following cases:

Product defects (unless explicitly mentioned in its description that it possesses such);
The size you ordered does not match the size specified in the description;
Inconsistency between the product displayed on your site and your product, which does not refer to color nuances.
Should you find any of these issues, you should contact us no later than 3 days after receipt of the goods. All costs of returning the goods and / or delivering a new one at a claim are at the expense of puloveri.com.

Returning the goods is only possible if the goods return to full equipment and no work has been done (washing, ironing), no labels have been removed and not used.

The shipping costs of returning the goods are for the account of the customer, except in the case of a claim.

You can not opt ​​out of the product and return it if it is a custom-made product, unless the return is linked to a claim.


For a purchased product is made after accepting the shipment from puloveri.com, once we are satisfied in its entirety! Refunds will be made within 7 business days of receipt of the returned consignment from puloveri.com and after specifying how the refund will be made.

Color mismatch

puloveri.com aims to show the colors of all products as close as possible, but because the colors the customer sees on their monitor depend on many factors, puloveri.com can not guarantee that the client's monitor will show the true colors. Different color shades are not considered to be improper delivery and are not grounds for their claim or return.

Refusal of delivery

Gzonebg.com has the right to refuse the delivery of ordered products in the event that the customer performs actions contrary to these General Terms and Conditions.

The refusal is reported to the customer if the latter has left valid coordinates.

In this case, puloveri.com is not responsible for the failure to deliver.

puloveri.com has the right to refuse delivery of ordered products without liability for non-compliance in the following cases:

1. the information provided by the client is incomplete or invalid;

2. Customer actions may harm puloveri.com.

Personal data

puloveri.com undertakes to take due care of the retention of personal data and not to distribute, sell, or make available to third parties the personal data of its customers, unless this is necessary for the performance of puloveri.com or not Requires a competent authority, as required by law.

By completing the personal data, the client confirms that he has provided his / her personal data voluntarily and that he / she expressly authorizes the collection, processing, storage and provision of such data in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation in force and when this is necessary for the execution of the order, But not just about delivering the products, accounting, contacting the customer, and sending notifications of the goods and services provided by puloveri.com.

When completing the data, the customer is required to provide full and accurate data about his / her identity and other data required by puloveri.com. If the customer has provided incorrect or incomplete data, puloveri.com shall not be liable for failure to deliver.

The Customer is responsible for filling in other personal data. In case of dispute, which person is bound by these General Terms and Conditions, the customer is considered the person who paid the price of the ordered product.

puloveri.com has the right to send unsolicited commercial communications to customers to inquire, conduct inquiries, or offer ads and information to their own or other merchandise and services. The data may be used to send unsolicited commercial communications, except at expressly disagreed by the customer. By completing his or her personal data, the customer agrees to puloveri.com to collect other customer data, such as the IP address, visit time, location of the website, name and version of the web browser, operating system and other parameters Provided by the web browser through which the website was accessed. The collected data can be used by gzonebg.com for statistical and marketing research to improve the services provided to customers.

Despite the above, puloveri.com will not send unsolicited commercial messages to its customers more than once a year, unless they have stated that they wish to receive such communications.

The Customer has the right to oppose the collection, storage and processing of his or her personal data as well as the right to access and change his or her personal data, such rights being exercised in the manner provided for in the Personal Data Protection Act.

puloveri.com will not provide the personal data to third parties except in the cases provided for by law, including when requested by a competent governmental authority.

Submitting complaints

The Customer has the right to complain if the services of puloveri.com do not comply with these Terms and Conditions. The complaint may be submitted in electronic or written form and must contain customer details, including an e-mail address, as well as a description of the breach.
The address for filing a complaint in writing is: Plovdiv, Arh. Kamen Petkov № 12; Manager: Georgi Georgiev.
The address for complaining in electronic form: info@gzonebg.com

The deadline for filing a complaint is up to 30 days after the occurrence of the subject matter of the complaint.

Gzonebg.com will review the complaints duly prepared within 14 days of receipt and will respond to the email address specified by the customer.

Applicable law

For unsettled issues Bulgarian law applies. All disputes relating to the goods and services provided by puloveri.com are resolved by the competent Bulgarian court.

Communication with the client

By completing your personal details and contact details, the customer expressly agrees that puloveri.com will use all the technical means of customer communication for which the customer has specified contact details, including sending to the client advertising material by mail or courier. Customer may refuse to receive advertising material by mail or courier by sending a notification to puloveri.com at the following email address: info@gzonebg.com
By completing your personal details or contact details, as well as the order from the puloveri.com e-shop, the customer expressly agrees that gzonebg.com will contact the customer to confirm the availability, quantity, and other order and delivery parameters .

The provision of personal and contact details on the part of the customer does not oblige puloveri.com to contact the customer.

Information and consent

The Customer declares that he has been provided with information and is familiar with:

1. the name and address of the supplier puloveri.com;

2. all the features of the goods and services provided by puloveri.com;

3. the price of the goods and services, including all taxes and fees, as well as the quantity of the ordered products;

4. the cost of transport costs;

5. the payment method and the other delivery terms;

6. the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract and the conditions under which the products can be returned;

7. the period for which the price of the products is in force;

8. the conditions of use of the products;

9. the terms and the term of the guarantee.

The customer agrees to a distance contract as well as advance and prepayments for the delivery of the products.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all notifications are made to the contact addresses advertised in the e-shop puloveri.com and, respectively, to the e-mail address and the contact address of the customer.

Partial invalidity

The nullity of individual texts of these terms and conditions does not invalidate the Terms and Conditions.

Force majeure

puloveri.com shall not be liable for any failure to comply, in whole or in part, with obligations and commitments resulting from force majeure.

In the event of force majeure, puloveri.com should notify the customer in accordance with the requirements of Bulgarian law.

puloveri.com is not responsible for damages, lost profits, costs, claims or other responsibilities to customers if they have occurred as a result of non-compliance with these terms and conditions by a customer.

Amendment to the Terms of Service

puloveri.com reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service on the e-shop website without prior notice to customers.

puloveri.com is not responsible for errors that may occur on the e-shop website, including errors caused by changes, settings, and other actions not performed by puloveri.com.